How Many Tennis Rackets Do You Need?

Every time I watch a men’s tennis tournament, I’m amazed at how many rackets players use over one match.

This routine is also connected with a “new balls rule,” which states that the set of match balls should be replaced after the first seven games and then every nine games.

The intensity of professional tennis rallies impairs the condition of the racket strings. Because of constant loading, the strings loosen up and delaminate.

Once its original tension is lost, you experience less comfort and control over the ball.

So, how many tennis rackets do you need?

The number of tennis rackets will increase with the skill and training frequency. Having just one racket is enough for recreational players. At a more advanced level, you will need at least two rackets. Top professional players bring on average 9-12 and even more rackets for a match.

The more you hit, the faster the racket frame and strings wear out. And because you can’t play with broken strings, you have to have a spare racket ready to use.

In a longer period, I would advise buying new rackets every two years.

Not for a reason to follow tennis trends, but to make sure your equipment is stiff enough.

Any hitting always generates frame microfractures which then reduce racket playability.

Do I Need Multiple Rackets?

tennis rackets

You will go through many tennis rackets in your life to grow up as a player and find out which specifications are the most comfortable and suitable for you.

Out of all these models you’re going to test, some will allow you to hit harder while others will provide more control. As everyone has their style of play, it’s impossible to select the right racket without trial and error.

I have a perfect example for you.

My wife started learning tennis using my tennis racket. And she was doing very well with a heavy frame.

She loved to play and soon got her one. Then, all of a sudden, her performance dropped, and progress turned into a regress.

We eventually found the issue. A slight change of frame balance and diverse grip shape was the root cause of that.

Every parameter of the tennis racket can affect the way you play the game. For example, frame shape, strings type, and tension, weight, and balance contribute to your overall performance.

This being said, you have to try a number of rackets to understand what you really are after.

How Many Tennis Rackets Should I Have?

many tennis racekts on the floor

Even if you decide to play professionally, you don’t need to have more than two tennis rackets.

A third or fourth racket won’t change or improve anything in your game. It’s an additional cost to bear.

However, having many rackets saves you time on stringing. In addition, it gives you extra confidence that you’ll always have a racket to play in case the other ones are unavailable.

It’s very rare to break two sets of strings on the same day. And almost impossible if they’re newly strung. Hence why I said you only need two rackets.

Usually, you string your rackets with the same string type and tension.

So, you always have an identical feeling and hit quality shots. So, when your strings break during a rally, you start a new point with another racket as nothing happened.

But plenty of tennis players like testing new configurations quite often. They are constantly experimenting with string patterns, racket balance, or grips.

That’s the easiest way to learn more about the tennis racket features and adjustments to get the most of your game.

How Many Rackets Do Professionals Use?

djokovic at usopen

Professional tennis players have their preferences regarding the number of rackets they use during one match and one season.

However, it has nothing to do with calculating expenses. All the rackets are delivered to them by sponsoring brands in terms of individual contracts.

Perhaps, Roger Federer is the one who utilizes the largest number of tennis rackets on the ATP tour. In 2018 he revealed that he needed between 60 and 70 frames a year.

Do you know how much stringing service was annually?

A big fat bill of 40,000USD.

These numbers are huge compared to Rafael Nadal’s demand. The Spaniard gets more or less 6 to 8 Babolat Pure Aero rackets every quarter.

It equals thirty in 12 months which is just a half of what Federer receives.

You can expect, though, that lower-ranked players have a limited number of rackets.

Their contracts aren’t as lucrative. Nor their tournament earnings are high enough to afford more rackets than necessary.

This doesn’t apply to players who have difficulties with controlling emotions. Who knows how many of their frames were broken pointlessly.

You better send a direct message to Nick Kyrgios and the likes with this question.

Can I Swap Rackets In A Match?

Yes, you are allowed to swap rackets in a match. But only at the moment, the ball isn’t live. That means if your strings break during a point, you must continue with the same racket.

Popped strings are the most common cause to change the racket. Once the stringbed is snagged, the ball acts uncontrollably on the contact.

It’s like shooting with a slingshot.

Top professional players change rackets every time new balls are introduced to the game.

This ensures that their strokes are sound and the ball is hit with proper string tension. Such a small detail can influence the match course.

I saw some players on the court who didn’t like their racket performance.

Maybe a stringman screw things up that time, or the weather conditions didn’t let them fully enjoy the potential of the strings, especially if they are from the natural gut.

It doesn’t happen often, but it can certainly serve as a reason for swapping.

Final Words

Depending on how often you play and your level, it should be easy to say how many rackets you need.

As long as you don’t travel around the world to make some earnings from tennis, two tennis rackets are reasonably enough.

You can consider changing your rackets every two years as their internal structure slowly gets wasted.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the particular frame, test other rackets to find a better one for the future.

How many rackets do you usually use?

Have you ever lacked rackets during a match?